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Brand Name Vidmet-G80
Generic Name Metformin SR 500 mg + Gliclazide 80 mg
Description Metformin is the most commonly used oral hypoglycaemic agents and it is the first line oral hypoglycaemic agent. It is the only remaining biguanide on the market. Interestingly enough it is derived from guanidine, found in "French Lilac" or Galega officinalis, a plant used since the Middle Ages for relieving the symptoms of diabetes mellitus
Packaging 1*10
Pack Size 10
Dosage metformin 500 mg daily or twice daily initially
Increase dose by 500 mg every 1-2 weeks according to symptoms and morning fasting blood glucose levels.
Maximum dose: 2.0 - 2.5 g per day
Theripti use Combination therapy enhances better Glycemic control than Mobotherapy
  • Enhances insulin release
  • Tolerable and Safe in elderly
  • Superior atherogenic effect
  • Potent intrinsic antioxidant property
  • Enhances insulin Sensitivity
  • Enhanced Glucose Utilization
  • No Waight gain
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